Monday, March 26, 2012

I thought this was new and interesting :) TRY IT!

Vegan Tofu Jerky
1 lb tofu; extra firm or herbed firm
½ cup soy sauce
¼ cup ginger sauce; oil-free OR
1 T fresh ginger; grated
2 T water
1 T brown sugar or agave nectar
Cayenne pepper to taste
  • Drain tofu by wrapping in a clean washcloth or paper towels and pressing it gently to release excess water, do this for about an hour. ( you can put the tofu in between two chopping board and put canned goods on top)
  • When excess water has been released, chop the tofu in rectangular with .20 inch size. Spread it out in a baking sheet.
  • In a separate bowl, mix thoroughly soy sauce, water, ginger sauce, agave nectar, water and cayenne pepper.
  • Pour over the spread out tofu
  • Marinate for an hour or so with occasional flipping of tofu to cover the other side. You can marinate overnight by putting it in the refrigerator but make sure to bring to room temperature first before proceeding.
  • Dehydrate
    • Oven:  Replace tofu in a metal rack on a cookie tray. Use the lowest temperature setting of your oven. Checking occasionally until tofu becomes dry but not brittle
    • Dehydrator process: Spread tofu in a dehydrator trays and proceed with 155oF for six hours or until the tofu becomes dry but not too brittle
  • Mix ingredients according to your taste, add more cayenne if prefer it spicy
  • Freeze the tofu with the marinade to make it more jerky chewier
  • Excellent as snacks while on-the-go and on picnics
  • Tofu jerky can be stir-fried after dehydrating to add more flavors to your picnic foods.
I thought this was different & new! You should try it!

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